Gun Drilling. Subcontract Drilling Work

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Gun Drilling. Subcontract Drilling WorkGun Drilling. Subcontract Drilling Work
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Gun Drilling. Subcontract Drilling Work

>> Subcontract Machining Work Available
Minimum Drill Diameter: 0.9mm
Maximum Drill Diameter: 150mm
Maximum Drill Depth: 4 metres
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 20 tons

With the experience we have gained over many years, customers can place orders for gun drilling and subcontract deep hole drilling work with confidence in the knowledge that they will find the perfect solution for their requirements. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer demands, we are able to carry out customer trials, prototype, and pre-production work.

We are the market leaders for CNC processsing of both off-centre (block type), as well as concentric (bar type) work - with high levels of accuracy in terms of hole postion, diametrical tolerance, surface finish, and straightness.

Gun Drilling - Subcontract Drilling Work.

Drilling Diameter Tolerances.

With our skilled machine/setter operators trained to the highest possible level by TBT Germany, and twenty years experience in the field, we are the benchmark against which all other Deep Hole Drilling companies are measured. Not only do we offer a quality gun drilling service but we provide you subcontract drilling work that is second to none.

Gun Drilling - Subcontract Drilling Work.
Gun Drilling - Subcontract Drilling Work.

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